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Steve Goodbred

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Where land meets the sea – Dr. Goodbred’s research explores the behavior of coastal environments. Over half of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of a coast, presenting great risk to people, infrastructure, and economies, while also placing great stress on the natural environments.  Much of our research focuses on large delta systems, where rivers deliver massive volumes of sediment to the coast, building new landscapes and supporting thriving ecosystems.  However, there are numerous threats to the stability of river deltas, such as dams that trap sediment, increasing rates of sea-level rise, and changing storm and climate conditions. Dr. Goodbred and his students study these impacts and work in areas around the world, including Bangladesh and Peru.  Dr. Goodbred teaches Oceanography and Sedimentary Systems at VU, and with Earth Horizons looks forward to serving as a host for student research.